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  • - Just The Basics - 30 minutes $40

    A comprehensive skin consultation followed by a deep cleansing & exfoliation with light massage and moisturizing.

  • - Clearing Treatment - 45 minutes $55

    Acne clearing through purifying & detoxifying, using organic seaweed mask & gentle professional products.

  • - Focus Facial - 60 minutes $75

    A comprehensive skin consultation is performed along with the appropriate cleansing, exfoliation, organic seaweed mask & moisturizing. This treatment will be unique to each individual with the use of our professional products to provide maximum benefits to your skin. Our treatment is completed with a European massage to the face, neck, head, arms and hands.

  • - Teen Facial - 30 minutes $35

    A comprehensive skin consultation to treat your teen's current skin condition. Deep cleansing & exfoliation along with gentle extractions are performed to accelerate skin health.

  • - Clearing Treatment - 45 minutes $55

    Jump start acne clearing with this purifying detoxifying professional treatment that promotes breakout clearing & & then continuing with a home regimen. Please note that anyone using Retin-A, Renova, Adapalene or any other intensive prescribed exfoliation product must discontinue usage at least two weeks before undergoing this treatment. also, if you have used Isotretinoin (also know as Accutane) within the last six months, you should not receive any exfoliation treatment.

  • - Signature Back Facial - 60 minutes $120

    An amazing stand alone treatment for your back, this treatment provides purification, stress relief, muscles relaxation and extraction. Combat breakouts with a deep cleansing of the back to remove excess oi and debris, followed by an exfoliation to polish and rejuvenate the skin with a stress relieving massage. Finish with an organic seaweed mask to purify & hydrate.



  • - Younger Me Facial - One 60 minutes session $110

    This remarkable facial combine traditional techniques with state of the art technology. First, a revitalizing facial is provided, using high end products to clean, exfoliate & hydrate your skin. This facial then is complimented by a session of Ultrasonic Cavitation to increase circulation & skin elasticity to lift, tighten and brighten, remove blotchiness, discolorations & even out your skin tone. A taken home regimen to help you combat the signs of aging can be purchase for only $32 (value at $65). PACKAGES: 6 sessions - $552 ($690 value) 12 sessions - $966 ($1380 value)


  • - Dynamic Duo Facial - One 75 minutes session $155

    This PHENOMENAL facial will first indulge you to a rejuvenating treatment that leaves your face smoother, younger & brighter by removing dead cells, reducing fine lines & wrinkles, light scarring, discoloration, sun damage, age spots, stretch mark & black heads. Then enjoy an ultrasonic cavitation session to increase circulation & skin elasticity, lift, tighten, brighten your skin. Finally, leave looking AMAZING with a take home regimen to help you combat the signs of aging can be purchase for only $32 (value at $65). PACKAGES: 6 sessions - $744 ($930 value) 12 sessions - $1302 ($1860 value)



  • - Just The Basics - Basic microdermabrasion

    One 30 minutes session - $70

    Six 30 minutes sessions - $336

    Twelve 30 minutes sessions - $588


    • - Indulge Me - Total facial treatment and microdermabrasion

      One 45 minutes session - $85

      Six 45 minutes sessions - $408

      Twelve 45 minutes sessions - $714


      • - Spoil Me Rotten - Deluxe facial and mud treatment, microdermabrasion and arm massage

        One 60 minutes session - $105

        Six 60 sessions - $504

        Twelve 60 minutes sessions - $882



        TAKE 5, 10 YEARS OFF YOUR FACE !!!


        NO laser . NO knife . NO needle . NO pain . NO bruising . NO down time



          Ultrasonic Cavitation is a revolutionary non-surgical, non-invasive, no downtime medical aesthetic treatment that can reverse the damage of time on your face. This amazing leading edge technology will give you a smoother and more youthful appearance by safely and quickly reduce wrinkles and crowfeet, brighten, lift and tighten the skin on your face and neck. This procedure is safe for all skin type, both men and women. Although results varies from person to person, you may see immediate results after only one 30 minutes session.

          Give it a try...YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE, BUT WRINKLES...




          • - Just To Start $199

            Four 30 minutes Cavitation Sessions

          • - Indulge Me $259

            Eight 30 minutes Cavitation Sessions

          • - Spoil Me Rotten $329

            Twelve 30 minutes Cavitation Sessions

          • - Try To See $80

            One 30 minutes Cavitation Session to see if you like it. (This can be credited toward a larger package. Since a minimum of 4 sessions is recommended, results may not be visible after only one session)