Let us promote the overall well being of the mind, body, and soul!




  • Let It Go! $25

    Feeling stressed? While you’re at work, on lunch or on a break. You and your coworkers can “Let It Go” with a 15 minute upper body massage.

  • Pick Me Up (30 min) $60

    There are just a couple of things making you out of focus. Enjoy this massage on one or two parts of the body to get you going again.

  • Your Get Away (traditional Swedish) 60 min/$75   -   90 min / $95

    Feel like you need to get away from everything except yourself?  Enjoy this relaxing Swedish massage personalized to fit your needs

  • Loosen Up! (deep tissue) 60 min/$85   -   90 min / $115

    Overworked, Over Stressed, or just Over It? Take all the tension away with this deep tissue massage that lets you overcome everything.  Tired muscles will be relieved and you are ready to take on the world

  • Melt Away (hot stone) 60 min/$120   -   90 min / $115

    Soothe the tension of those stubborn areas. Treat yourself to a thorough lava stone treatment to start or end your week on the right foot.



  • - Acupressure 30 min/$70   -   60 min / $120

    Offers immediate relief of pain or illness by pressing on particular points along the body’s meridians using fingers and hands. This treatment can reduce migraine, asthma, allergy, sport injuries and stroke. Our acupressure treatment is provided by a Kung Fu Master, well trained in Chinese medicine (